Sean Lowe says: "Tierra is a good person"

In Sean Lowe's NEW blog post for People Magazine, he reveals what happened with Tierra and why he sent Lesley home.

Sean Lowe about Tierra: "I was nervous that if I ended up with Tierra, drama would follow her into our everyday lives. But when she told me she was falling in love with me, I softened a bit. She was always kind when she was with me, and I wanted to believe that the drama was circumstantial and that once she wasn't around a bunch of girls dating the same guy, she would be drama-free. I still ended the evening with questions, but remembering that my connection with Tierra was strong.... still believe Tierra has more good in her than people see, but I also recognize that she doesn't have the maturity or social skills necessary to make it on The Bachelor."

Why he sent Lesley home:
" Lesley had a wall up and I always felt like she couldn't be completely vulnerable with me...As much as I enjoyed spending time with Lesley, I knew I had to send her home because she never allowed herself to open up emotionally."

Did you think Sean was right for sending Lesley and Tierra home? Should any of these girls be the next Bachelorette? 

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