Sean Lowe sends AshLee Frazier Home!

AshLee Frazier with a friend's baby
It's a heart-breaking goodbye for Sean Lowe and AshLee Fraizer, who seems to be madly in love with him. A shocked AshLee storms out in tears (but the two will reunite during the Women Tell All). What's AshLee been up to since the show? According to her Twitter (@ashleefrazier), she is busy working as a personal organizer and still looking for love. The next Bachelorette is going to be announced (AND she is from Sean's season). Do you think AshLee will be named the next Bachelorette? Do you think Sean made a mistake sending AshLee home?

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Emily said...

I think the next Bachelorette is going to be Desiree! She totally deserves it and will be awesome. I liked Ashlee a lot, but she is a bit too needy and intense for this gig.