Molly and Jason Mesnick get ready for Baby!

It's almost time for the arrival of their Bachelor baby! Jason and Molly Mesnick have been busy preparing for their arrival of their first child together. Molly, who is due March 26, recently had a baby shower and the two are deciding on names. In this interview, Molly Mesnick talks about her pregnancy and if they are having a boy or a girl.

Molly says that they don't know the gender and were apparently still deciding on names. "We'll name the baby "rose if it's a girl and Chris Harrison if it's a boy," Molly jokes. What does Jason's son, seven year old Ty, think of having a new brother or sister? "He’s excited," Jason says. "I think the question is, what is he going to be like at 2 in the morning when he hears crying in the room next door to him, and then we’ll find out. But he’s excited."

Check out photos from Molly's baby shower! 

Congratulations Molly and Jason on your upcoming arrival!

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