Lesley Murphy "My Life After the Bachelor"

What is Bachelor contestant, Lesley Murphy, doing now? In this recent article, she updates us about life after being dumped by Sean Lowe.

Lesley is back in Washington DC working as a Political Consultant (she had left for three months to film the Bachelor). She has no plans to be on television again (They always say that, Lesley! Emily Maynard said that once and then went on to be the next Bachelorette). What did her co-workers think of The Bachelor? “They love it, and can’t get enough of it,” Murphy said. “I never want to see a rose again in my life.” Does Lesley Murphy have a boyfriend? It seemed like she spent Valentine's Day solo. We're pretty sure that this blond beauty will soon have a line-up of men, wanting her heart.

The Bachelor returns next Monday!

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