Chris Harrison: "Tierra is good at pulling the wool over Sean’s eyes"

Chris Harrison blogs about The Bachelor, Episode 6 The Tierra Show. In his NEW blog posting from Entertainment Weekly, the Bachelor host talks about Sean's emotional goodbye with Sarah Herron and the Tierra drama.

Harrison writes: "We’ve already had paramedics involved in the show this season but on this date they were on hand prior to the date starting, just to be safe. I guess it was a good thing we did because guess what happened?  Yep, Tierra needed attention after the plunge into the cold waters. It’s hard to tell where the truth ends and the drama begins with Tierra, but in this case it was probably somewhere between getting back to the hotel and the time Sean crawled into bed with her to once again console her and make sure she was okay. You have to admit she’s good at pulling the wool over Sean’s eyes and getting his attention." Read Chris Harrison's full blog at EW!

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