Chris Harrison on Why Sean sent AshLee home

In his NEW interview with TV Guide, Bachelor Host, Chris Harrison, talks about why Sean sent a very distraught AshLee Frazier home. Here's what he had to say:

"He thought that AshLee took that moment away from him because he deserved the right to talk to her and explain himself. He was a little bit put off that she didn't give him that...When the three of them were sitting there during the rose ceremony, we pan the camera across the three and you're like one of those isn't the same as the other two..."

Did Chris Harrison share any Women Tell All spoilers? Here's what he had to say about the upcoming WTA! 

"One of my favorite interviews was Sarah Herron. She's so eloquent... when she expresses herself, and I just wanted to grab her and hug her and tell her it's OK. But that's exactly what she doesn't want because everybody tells her that. But that was definitely the most heartfelt moment." The Women Tell All airs in March and yes, Tierra will be attending! 


randi shaw said...

i dont think sean deserved tthe time to explain to AshLee, he KNEW how she felt about him she poured her heart out to him and then he wants to explain? no way, sorry sean but i have decided not to watch the remaining shows

randi shaw said...

sean, you missed out on the woman who loved you to an extent that is rare to find, i hope your final choice is worth it.