Jessie Sulidis' Bachelor Canada Blog, Episode 2

Former Bachelorette, Jessie Sulidis, talks Bachelor Canada and what really happens behind-the-scenes on The Bachelor! 

Tonight was another successful night of Bachelor Canada, and we got to know some of the Canadian beauties vying for Brad's heart. Last night the girls all moved into the mansion. I remember my first day at the mansion. Watching made me miss being at the Malibu mansion with my Season 14 girls. I remember we'd get into our bathing suits and have baths together and gossip with a glass of wine. We would all gather around the pool and leave our microphones hidden in the house somewhere and laugh at the sound techs who were frantically trying to find them and re-attach them to our bodies.  What I don't miss is sharing a room though.  It's impossible to catch any sleep. Girls are up all night giggling, crying, and carrying on and then you're woken up at 7am to film. 

I have to note that both Brad and Bachelor host, Tyler Harcott, looked very handsome last night. I loved them in more casual clothing. They both seemed more comfortable and confident. Tyler has started to grow on me and I'm trying to get passed the fact we can't have Chris Harrison. I have to say he was better tonight than last week. More relaxed with his role. 

Pastor Chantelle gives it her all
Chantelle reminds me of Tenley Molzhan: Was it just me or could anyone handle Chantelle's voice? It's like a dog toy or nails on the chalkboard. It actually made me turn down my TV volume (and I normally have my TV at a very high uncomfortable level). She's very sweet but reminds me of Tenley Molzahn (from my season). Cute as a button but can only take in doses. 

The first date last night was a group date in New Orleans. I've always wanted to go. Some of my Bachelor friends live there and rave about what an amazing place it is. One of my fellow castmates, Nikki, actually plans several Bachelor alumni parties all across the USA a few times a year and the NOLA trip is coming up in two weeks! I wonder if the Canadian Bachelor cast will be invited? I'll 
have to put in a good word!  I'm a bit jealous of the dates on Bachelor Canada. We never left California for my season. 

   "We spent weeks in a crowded RV being forced to talk about our feelings 24/7 on camera." 

I remember sitting by the campfire while Gia was on her date with Jake Pavelka and Kathryn screaming that if she was asked to speak about her feelings one more time, she would jump into the campfire. It can tear you down. I wonder if these girls share the same experiences. 

In New Orleans the girls were taken on a Burlesque bootcamp. This date was made for me! Do they have a spy cam in my living room? I would have nailed this date. Some of the girls, including Melissa Marie, the playboy model, were awful.  It was hilarious to watch though and kudos to the girls for putting themselves out there. I got a good laugh when Brad said, "for the rest of the date we're going to all be up in my hotel room." Hahahaha, Did he just say that? Only in Canada! Love it! 

Gabrielle gets ready to drive
Group Date in Las Vegas: This episode was really my personal heaven as the girls were taken to Las Vegas, my favourite playground, to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I used to work in open-wheel racing for many years and would have dreamed for a date like this on my season. This track also brought back emotional memories of losing an amazing Indycar driver, family man and friend Dan Weldon last October to the fatal crash at the series championship race. RIP DAN! 
Whitney refuses to lose and wins her date
Whitney was quite impressive on the track, but off track, I want to smack her. I would placed a bet she has a hard time keeping girlfriends in real life. She's way too overly competitive in all the most unattractive ways. 

"If Brad picks Whitney it could be a Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson type of season finale."

The last date of the evening with Ana was like an infomercial for Canada. Showing the beautiful scenery, Hudson Bay Company decor and drinking Molson Canadian! How Canadian of them! 

One thing that gets me every season is when the girls complain about fairness! They need to realize this is a competition not Kindergarten, where you share and everyone gets a turn. Don't get mad because someone stole your alone time. Steal it back. That's all part of this experience. You'll never get through this process as a wall flower. This happened during my season too. Someone was always crying that Vienna took all Jake's time. That paid the time. 

Okay and now on to my favourites and dislikes for Bachelor Canada Episode 2:


Kara: She's really cute and reminds me of a Rachel Bilson meets Mila Kunis. Great combo. Too bad she couldn't own it at the race track. 

Laura: I really thought they had a connection on there one-on-one date. I just hope her insecure crying fit in the bathroom doesn't knock her staying points. 


Melissa Marie: Playboy model and mother. Interesting. Her personality was way too aggressive and over the top. Scared the pants off Brad. Glad to see her go home. 

Gabrielle: As I said before she's this season's Vienna. No one is going to like her. She needs to head back to Jersey Shore. 

Whitney: I liked her episode one but she really turned me off with her aggression and over confidence last night. 

Can't wait to see what the big dramatic shock is for next week! Stay tuned.

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