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Jessie Sulidis and her boyfriend Jordan
Former Bachelorette, Jessie Sulidis (Jake Pavelka's season), blogs about Bachelor Canada and finding love herself! 

Brad Smith meets his ladies
Last night was the premiere of the North American hit reality television series, The Bachelor, Canadian version. I was skeptical, probably most like most Canadians on how The Bachelor Canada would compare--if it even could. I have to say I was blown away by the amazing production and how similar but more real the Canadian version is thanks to less strict TV laws and great casting. I felt the Bachelor and his competitors were more genuine and could express themselves like regular people! Brad is by far the best Bachelor ever cast in North America. I think he's genuinely sweet, handsome, funny, charming, and  has a great body and larger than life real personality. It's so refreshing to see, especially as our first ever Canadian Bachelor. He's really setting the bar high.

Last night we were introduced to the Canadian ladies all vying for Brad's heart. I love the first episode as this is where you see some of the most lame to the most awesome first impressions.  
Bubba shows her stuff
The Worst Impression Rose: I'd like to hand out is to Rebecca ("Bubba") in the polkas dot dress. She was as obnoxious and her dress and red rose belt combo she paired it with. I thought she was too over-the-top and uncomfortable to watch. She later realized it in her departure interview when Brad sent her packing. It really bugged me though when she blamed her departure on not being as thin as the other girls. Thin has no bearing on love hunny. You had an amazing body. You just need to tone it down a few notches and be more comfortable in your own skin. 

Worst Entrance: Another horrid entrance was by Jessica, and I hold high standard to that name. She was a cute girl with an amazing dress (that she must have stolen from Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 days), but lady, that cheer is how to lose him.  Mindy didn't do it for me either. Brad should have sent her back home hiking in the boots she came in. Just an all around NO NO NO!  

Jessie's Favourite Bachelorettes: Now on to my favourites. I loved Tracy! She is super cute, casual, comfortable in her own skin and you can really see Brad took a liking to her.  Amber had a killer entrance too but that dress was horrid. It should have been left in the dust she trailed behind on that vespa! Le Chateau must've been proud! Kara was great too. She nailed her entrance by creating a common ground-- sports! There's nothing more attractive to a guy than a girl that can play sports. Kudos to her! I totally agree with giving Whitney the First Impression Rose. This girl is hot, smart, with a great body and knows how to work it. You go girl. I think she will be a front runner! 

Bachelor Canada Mansion: The mansion was gorgeous. I'm kind of jealous! All though I have to say we had a better pool at the Malibu mansion. The only thing I didn't dig was the sound of coyotes eating what we thought was an innocent flock of Geese. 

What's my line again, Chris Harrison?
Host Tyler Harcott: I'm sorry, but I think the host has a great personality but he's no Chris Harrison. I think Chris Harrison set the bar so high no one can even come close to it. We all knew this coming in. I have to say, I wish CH was on Bachelor Canada. No one can beat his grace and just genuine ability to relate to the audience and Bachelor/ette. 

Brad Smith's Bachelorettes
Gabrielle: She deserves her own sentence. Gabrielle is on the show for Gabrielle. She's the Canadian Vienna from my season of The Bachelor. She's controversial, outspoken, overly confident and just all around great TV. Expect to see her around for awhile. She would definitely be a producer favourite. I think she needs to shut her mouth and act with class and not worry about what everyone else is doing. 

Jillian Harris' Surprise Appearance: She made an appearance last night which had the girls nervous for a few moments before announcing she was just there to give Brad advice. I was in "talks" to do this role. Oh well. Jillian is super cute and no bad feelings hahaha. For real. 

I had a lot of great feedback from my commentary on twitter last night for Bachelor Canada-- a lot of people asked why I didn't go back on the show. I would have, but I found love! I found me an amazing man from Calgary, Jordan, that I  am excited to announce we just got our first condo together and are moving in in 2 weeks! I'm super excited and couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. Wish him luck as he's currently in Sweden playing hockey during this crazy lockout! Don't we all miss hockey! 

Overall I have to say I'm very impressed with the Bachelor Canada production, Brad and his bevy of beauties. Can't wait to see what drama and love story prevails as the season continues. Be sure to tune in! 
Jessie Sulidis
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