'Reality Steve' The Next Bachelor is...

Bachelor spoiler alert! 

According to Bachelor blogger (and spoiler king), Reality Steve, the next Bachelor is....
Sean Lowe! None other than Emily Maynard's 'perfect' and handsome ex!

Here's what Reality Steve had to say on his Bachelor website: "The biggest news of yesterday was I was made aware that Sean was at his parents house filming his intro videos, so safe to say he’s going to be the next Bachelor... Sean was filming in the front yard in his swim trunks, playing in the sprinklers with his niece and nephew while cameras rolled. I expect this to be part of his video package in the beginning where we hear voiceovers of him talking about how he know the process can work, he’s excited about finding a wife."

Do you think that Sean Lowe will be a good next Bachelor or is he too perfect?

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