'Good Morning America' Jef Holm Moves in with Emily Maynard!

Are Emily Maynard and Jef Holm still together? 

A few weeks ago, US Weekly came out with a story that Emily Maynard cheated on Jef Holm. The couple both deny the allegations and proved they are still a strong couple by moving in together! On their recent appearance on Good Morning America, the Bachelor talks about life after the show and moving in together!

 “I just moved to Charlotte a few days ago.  We are still engaged,” Holm, 28, said on Good Morning America.” Emily also addressed infidelity rumors by saying, "It broke my heart for Jef more than anything,” she said.  “I can get through whatever anybody says about me but the fact that it was family, that just broke my heart for him.  But we’re better than ever so it doesn’t faze me one bit.” Check out the clip of their appearance on GMA!

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