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Michael Stagliano 'Bachelor Pad' Blog: This Is Just the Tip of the IcebergIn his NEW Blog, Bachelor Pad's Michael Stagliano blogs about his dates and the twins.

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Michael Stagliano writes: 
1. Erica (twin) was competing that day, Brittany was LITERALLY SO HUNG OVER she couldn't stand there and listen to the rules. We were in the middle of filming, Chris was explaining how the challenge was going to work and without saying anything she was walking back into the mansion. Hilarious!

2. Honestly, the guys were AWESOME. Much like last year during synchronized swimming...SURE...at first we were all thinking "Wait, what? We are doing what? And we are wearing...WHAT!?!??" But as is the case with most men, and sports... we immediately got competitive. Bless their hearts, our coaches were 16 and 17 years old and they were just NOT ready to handle grown men. They were incredibly skilled gymnasts but when it came to "choreo" and teaching us the routine it just WAS NOT HAPPENING. Because I have a lot experience with choreographing, I actually ended up coaching the guys, in a way, after they all asked me to step up and help. I don't bring that up to toot my own horn, it just shows that the guys really did want to win (beat the girls). They were SO COOL about it. We had a BLAST! Obviously we LAUGHED the entire time, but the guys were very focused and devout in learning the moves and sticking the routine..