Next Week on The Bachelorette!

Here's a sneak peek of what's happening next week on The Bachelorette!

Arie gets a 1-on-1 date (and he has a secret past!)
Once the men arrive at the beautiful Aria Hotel, a thrilled Arie learns that he will get the first date. Emily and Arie take a romantic excursion through Prague, but all the while, he is trying to gather the courage to tell her he is in love with her. But during this day, Emily, who had learned from her own producer, Cassie Lambert, that she had a brief romantic relationship with Arie some years ago, is determined to find out why this bachelor is holding back that secret from her. What else might he be hiding? A disturbed Emily tries to get to the heart of the matter at lunch, but Arie avoids the obvious clues she throws out to entice him to discuss the unusual situation.

John gets a 1-on-1 date 
Emily joins John at the famous Lennon wall, which displays an ever-changing presentation of John Lennon-inspired graffiti, serving as symbol of peace and love. The two enjoy adding their personal touches to the iconic wall, but Emily is concerned that John seems unable to open up to her emotionally. At last, John explains to her the reason for his tough demeanor.

Group Date- Chris is not happy
When the group date card arrives, Chris is crushed when he learns that he will be joining two other bachelors on the date. Despite his visible anguish, it is actually another more impulsive man from this group who will slip out of the hotel and look for Emily on the quiet Prague streets. After anxiously searching, the desperate suitor finds Emily and they share a sexy late-night rendezvous. Despite a gorgeous setting at a majestic castle in the hills outside Prague, Emily's plans for a romantic group date outing go awry when one man's reticent behavior toward her turns awkward. Later that night, with a rose and a hometown date on the line, tensions rise as the men vie for her attention. One man ardently romances her, but Chris spends his time chastising Emily for not giving him a one-on-one date. Emily finally gives the rose to the bachelor who most impressed her.

There is no cocktail party this episode! Emily knows who she wants to choose. 

In the most dramatic rose ceremony so far this season, Chris, on the verge of a breakdown, does something drastic to try and save himself. After the Bachelorette announces her decision, it is time for the four very happy remaining men to return to the States and introduce Emily to their families, continuing their quest to win her heart.

The six remaining men are:
Arie, 30, a race car driver from Scottsdale, AZ
Chris, 25, a corporate sales director from Chicago, IL
Doug, 33, a charity director/realtor from Seattle, WA
Jef, 27, an entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, UT
John "Wolf," 30, a data destruction specialist from St. Louis, MO
Sean, 28, an insurance agent from Dallas, TX
Source: ABC press release