Emily Maynard's Bachelorette Blog, Episode 5

Emily Maynard's Bachelorette Blog for People Magazine. Here's what she had to say about her dates in Croatia.

Her feelings for Arie Luyendyk Jr
Emily Maynard: "I was really happy that Arie and I were able to pick up right where we had left off, despite our bump in the road in London. I was too hard on him, but it was only because I felt so close to him, and I'm glad he was able to forgive me. "

Sending Travis Pope home 
Maynard: "We had so much fun exploring Dubrovnik and enjoying each other's company, but we both knew early on that we were destined to be good friends."

Why she sent Ryan Bowers home 
Maynard: "While we did bond over our passion for our faith, I never felt comfortable being myself around him without feeling like I was being judged. That night I even asked Ryan if he would ever be the Bachelor, and he never gave me a yes or no answer, so that should have been warning sign number 1,298,398."

All Bachelorette fans are thanking Emily for sending Ryan home before it got too late. Ryan for next Bachelor? We don't think so!

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