'2012 Bachelor Pad 3' Contestants!

Who is on Bachelor Pad 3 this season? According to Bachelor Blogger, Reality Steve, here are some of the Bachelors/Bachelorette's rumored to be competing this season!

Bachelorettes, Bachelor Pad 3
Jaclyn Swartz (Ben Flajnik's season)
Blakeley Shea (Ben Flajnik)
Rachel Truehart (Ben Flajnik)
Lindzi Cox (Ben Flajnik)
Elyse Myers (Ben Flajnik)

Bachelors, Bachelor Pad 3
Nick Peterson (Ashley Hebert)
Michael Stagliano (Jillian Harris)
Kalon McMahon (Emily Maynard, the "Ricki is baggage" commenter)
Ed Swiderski (Jillian Harris, winner)
Reid Rosenthal (Jillian Harris)

If you're shocked to see that Kalon will be on Bachelor Pad 3, here's what his mother, Merrick Stern,  had to say about his recent comment in this interview. "I know some people will hate him for what he said about baggage," Mom Kalon says. "Being a single mom myself, I'd be totally defensive too. Honestly, though, I think Emily actually liked Kalon quite a bit and that's why she blew up at him so much...When he came home we were all very concerned for him, but he laughed and said he just didn't want to be there anymore," Stern says. "He doesn't feel bad about anything that happened and, in the end, I think it's turned out to be a great experience for him."

When does Bachelor Pad 3 starts? Bachelor Pad 3 returns July 23, 2012!