Emily Maynard's 'Bachelorette Blog' Week 1

Emily Maynard Worried About Brad or Bentley Showing Up on The Bachelorette | Emily Maynard
The Bachelorette is back! Check out Emily Maynard's first post for People Magazine as the new Bachelorette.

Her feelings about Brad Womack: "It was a big decision to come back. And to be honest, I didn't know if I wanted to put myself through all of this again. I was in love with Brad and what we had was very real and true, but when things didn't work outwith him, I was reminded that sometimes when people grow they grow apart. I never want that to happen to me again and it is scary to try to find love in the same way that it had fallen apart for me not that long ago. "

Why Doug got the first impression rose: "What a sweetheart! The letter Doug's son wrote to me was one of the sweetest things I have ever received and if anyone can appreciate how hard it is being away from their child, it's me. I'm so grateful that Doug took a chance on love, and I was honored that he saw something in me that made it worth it for him to come. It meant a lot and I wanted him to know that I would take a chance on him too and that's why I gave him the first impression rose." 

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