Vienna Girardi Storms Off of TV Show, Relationship Rehab!

According to, The Bachelor's, Vienna Girardi, is causing a stir yet again. Girardi, who had a very public break-up with Jake Pavelka and later broke up with Bachelor Pad's, Kasey Kahl, is making headlines on her new TV show, Relationship Rehab. The premise of the TV show is "Participants will undergo a makeover adventure as they get a new look and new confidence to re-energize their spirits and move on with their lives." 

According to the website, "Vienna went on to star in another "love" reality show — Relationship Rehab. Her purpose on the show was to patch things up with Kasey, but oooohhhh noooo. Guess what the producers did! They got her ex-boyfriend, Lee Smith, the same one who she supposedly text throughout her relationship with Jake! According to inside sources (aka peeps with big mouths), as soon as Lee appeared on set, Vienna lost her sh*t! She started screaming and stormed off the set, yelling hate at the producers." 

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