Chris Harrison talks about this Season of The Bachelor!

chris harrison who do you think you are In the NEW interview with The Bachelor's Chris Harrison, he talks about what's happening on The Bachelor Season 16. Now, tell me a little bit about 'The Bachelor' this season. I'm hoping that Sheryl is just one of the contestants' grandma who wants to meet Ben.
Chris Harrison: Yeah, it's much more along those lines than it is her being on the show. Here's the thing: Of all of the stunts and twists-and-turns, we'll never forsake a spot on the show. We really want Ben to have as many choices and as much of a possibility to find love as he can, so to ruin that or to make light of that by bringing in someone he would never have a relationship with, you can't do that. It's funny, but it's also a sweet, kind of romantic story.

What's going to be in store for Ben this season?
It's an emotional, wild ride. He's a catch. The women knew he was 'The Bachelor' ahead of time, so the show was cast for Ben. These women get out of the limo, and it's on. You'll see tears and drama on the first night. It's going to be a little crazy for him, but for me, it was fun to see him evolve this season. Ben and I got to be really good friends, and we spent a lot of time together, and we include that relationship in the show. This season is a lot less formal. I would just walk in, be casual and just talk. That was our deliberation. The show has become a lot more organic these past few years, and I hope our viewers have noticed that. In the end, I really do want Ben to be happy and find love because I really do believe he deserves it. You can read the full interview at!

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