'Bachelor' Producers Sue Reality Steve

Bachelor Pad
Uh oh. The king of Bachelor spoilers might be in trouble. The producers of ABC's The Bachelor is suing blogger, Reality Steve, for allegedly obtaining confidential information about the show.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Steve Carbone (Reality Steve) is accused of obtaining confidential information about the Bachelor series by contacting and soliciting information from participants, cast, crew, and other employees of the series. These individuals sign contracts that promise not to divulge non-public information about the show. Show employees leak spoilers at the risk of paying high penalties, often in the millions of dollars. Nevertheless, Carbone allegedly contacted them with knowledge they were subject to confidentiality obligations.... Carbone is alleged to have offered this Bachelor participant a monetary incentive to induce her to breach her contract. He allegedly wrote, "Since you are a student, and I know you have loans up the ying-yang, I'd be willing to compensate you...I swear, this is the easiest money you'd ever make and you and I are the only two people that would know." 

Reality Steve responded on this website saying "I have not been served a lawsuit, nor have I even seen this lawsuit, so I have no specific comment at this time. However, see the below communications from my lawyer, Brad Kizzia of Brown Fox Kizzia & Johnson, to opposing counsel, which state my legal position." You can check out the full story at Hollywood Reporter.

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