Chris Harrison's New Game Show- "You Deserve It"

Chris Harrison's new game show, You Deserve It!

"You Deserve It," hosted by Chris Harrison ("The Bachelor") and co-hosted by Brooke Burns, is a six-episode unscripted series in which contestants aren't out to win money for themselves, but are playing for someone else - someone they feel deserves it. Starting with a $ 10,000 round and going up to a $250,000 round, contestants purchase a series of clues to help them solve the puzzles and win money for their chosen recipient. But each clue will cost them -- and the cost of each clue is randomly selected and won't be revealed until after it has been purchased. The beneficiary, who is in another location under constant hidden-camera surveillance throughout the show, gets the surprise of a lifetime when family, friends, Brooke Burns and a camera crew burst in with life-changing news." Check out the clip below from the first episode!

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