Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad' episode 2


Chris Harrison's Bachelor Pad blog via!   "After week one’s epic three-hour event, week two started off with the same gusto. With things changing so much the competitions have become huge this season. The only safe place to be sitting during elimination is with a rose. This week’s competition was rough to watch. It was interesting how it opened up a lot of issues in the house, and also within certain individuals. Melissa and Michael won the competition and each of them won dates where they were able to take three others with them. Could their dates have been any more different and could they have gone any different? Michael and his crew went to an old haunted hospital here in LA while Melissa and the boys got to go yachting. The big story on Michael’s date was obviously his choosing his ex-fiancĂ©e Holly to join him." Read Chris Harrison's full blog posting here!

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