Bachelor Pad: Interview with Rated R Justin Rego

Bachelor Pad's Justin Rego: Kasey Kahl Is a 'Threat'

This week on Bachelor Pad, Rated R Justin Rego (along with Ali Travis) was voted off. In this NEW interview with Rated R and People Magazine, he explains what happened that night. 

What would you have done differently to avoid elimination?
Justin Rego: I wouldn't open my big mouth to Alli. If it isn't one Ali getting me in trouble, it's another. It would just be that one move. I knew the powers in the house were Michelle, Graham, Kasey, Vienna, Holly and Mike. I knew I had to break them up.

Anyone you were hoping would be in the house?
Michelle Money. I had a little crush on her watching her season. She's a really pretty girl and I was interested in getting to know her. 

You left Bachelorette in a flurry of controversy. Were you worried about returning to the spotlight?
The last year of my life has been an up-and-down battle. I've been doing nothing but defending myself and my actions on The Bachelorette. I have learned to love the villain character I was portrayed to be. So I wanted to give Bachelor fans what they wanted. They wanted to see "Rated R" so I gave it to them and made things entertaining. Whether you hate me or love me, I got a reaction out of you and that's what I wanted. That's Wrestling 101. Read the full interview at!

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