Bachelor Pad: Interview with Jake Pavelka!

 Bachelor Pad is back and so are not-so-friendly ex lovers, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi. The two had a very public break-up after he proposed on The Bachelor. In this NEW interview with Pavelka, he talks about his reunion with Vienna.

How did you know that Vienna would do the show? How did you know you'd get the chance to confront her?
I think she started Twittering about being on Bachelor Pad in February. So I knew that there would be some organic moment that would make it natural to get back into it.

Seriously, the $250,000 prize that goes to the winner, after all the other former Bachelor/Bachelorette cast members are voted out of the house, had no meaning to you?
I didn't go there to win $250,000. It was a way for me to get closure so I can move on to another relationship, so I can put The Bachelor, the breakup, everything to bed. But don't get me wrong. I competed, and I competed to win. They haven't determined a winner yet. But if it does fall in my direction, every penny of the $250,000 is going to go to disaster relief.

Watch Jake and Vienna reunite tonight on BACHELOR PAD! 

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