Interview with Chris Harrison: Is Ryan Park the next Bachelor?

In this NEW interview with Chris Harrison and TV Guide, Harrison talks about Ryan as the possible next Bachelor.

Were you shocked that Constantine decided to leave?
Chris Harrison:
I was surprised he left, but I totally get it. Why hang around for a rose ceremony when it was so obvious it wasn't happening for him? And it's something we don't deal with often, but I'm guessing that with him being Greek Orthodox and she's not, there were a lot of obstacles in their way. I'm proud of the fact that he didn't get to the fantasy suite and have a disaster of a date. He just pulled the cord, said this isn't going to happen, I'm not going to propose,
let's go our separate ways.

Can you see Ryan becoming the next Bachelor?
I think he would make a good Bachelor. Is he the Bachelor? No, I promise you that we have not made a decision. When you see Ames on "Men Tell All," you'll think the Bachelor is Ames, so those guys are both very solid candidates. The No. 2 guy from this show is going to blow people away next week. I think we're going to have three fantastic guys that could be the Bachelor and that's a great problem to have for a change.

What can you say about Sunday night's "Men Tell All"?
Tim steals the show. I know people think of the guy as a cocktail joke, but I promise America will love him and they'll want to have a drink with him after the show. He did exactly what you should do when you make a fool of yourself — take it like a man.

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