Chris Harrison Blogs - Hometown Dates!

This week, on Chris Harrison's Bachelorette blog, he talks about hometown dates and what went wrong for Ames.

Chris Harrison thoughts on Constantine's Hometown:
"We started the week in Cumming, Georgia, to meet Constantine’s great Greek family. They started with some food at the family restaurant Giorgio’s. For the record the food is very good at the restaurant; our crew had lunch there and they loved it. The pizza that Ashley brought the guy at the end of the show was not what he ordered, but he liked it. He had no idea who Ashley was or that she didn’t work there. The important part was meeting the family, and Constantine’s family blew Ashley away — this is exactly what she’s looking for in her life. His mom had some very direct questions for Ashley and didn’t pull any punches in letting her know that her moving to Cumming is what would “enhance” her son’s life."

Chris Harrison thoughts on Ben F Hometown: 

"Up to this point I know everybody liked him but I felt like in this episode and on this date you really got to know him on an intimate level. He revealed so much about himself and his feelings about his late father, and I’m interested to hear your thoughts on him now. Ashley is already taken by him but was really moved by his open, candid emotions."  (Harrison also mentioned that on Ben and Ashley's 1-on-1, although he never came home, they never spent the night together).

Chris Harrison thoughts on Ames' Hometown:  
"Everybody wanted to see more about Ames, so off to Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, we went. Although Ashley was also curious to find out where a guy like Ames came from, he really had the most to prove on his visit. He had to really blow Ashley away to raise their relationship to the level of the other contestants. His sister really put it best: If there’s passion and a spark then let there be a little fire. There is no fire between them."

Chris Harrison thoughts on J.P.'s' Hometown: 
"The final hometown date took us to New York to see JP. JP had made other plans outside but the forecast called for rain so he called an incredible ’80s audible, roller skating! Yes, it was kind of cheesy but it was also kind of awesome. Come on, who didn’t have flashbacks of their own “couples skate” moments? I for one was transported right back to the skating rink. Ashley hit it off with JP’s family." 

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