The Bachelorette Season Premiere!

The Bachelorette Season Premiere begins MONDAY, MAY 23! According to ABC, here is a sneak peek from the first episode!

25 eligible guys start arriving, eager to make an impression, including a handsome chef who steals a kiss; a Wall St. banker who brings her a pair of ballet tickets; a winery owner who pours her a bottle of her own special vintage, and a former professional baseball player who recites a poem he wrote for her. But nothing tops the mysterious bachelor who steps out of the limo wearing a mask. Ashley is warned about a certain guy who is not here for the right reasons...

First Cocktail Party:
The men try to impress Ashley. A successful and upbeat solar energy executive is the first to get alone time with her and manages to calm her fears that the men won't like her. One clever man introduces Ashley to his mother via speakerphone. Another bachelor peaks her curiosity from across the room with a romantic message on giant cue cards. And the masked man makes sure she understands that he wants her to appreciate the person he is inside. Ashley is thrilled when one bachelor begins to serenade her with a guitar, but is startled at the outcome. First Rose Ceremony: Ashley narrows her choice from 25 to 18 men.  


What happens this season: Ashley goes on intimate dates to Hollywood, Las Vegas, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Fiji Islands. Ashley and one lucky man fly to Las Vegas for one of the wildest romantic dates, as they plan a real Vegas wedding day, complete with a romantic dinner floating in the middle of the Bellagio Las Vegas lake. Watch for the date with William Holman in Las Vegas). Twelve men show off their best moves to the Bachelorette as they audition for the chance to appear on stage with her in the spectacular Las Vegas dance show, "Jabbawockeez." One unsuspecting bachelor is stunned by a "flash mob" performing a hip hop routine to a Far East Movement song - and then treated to an actual live concert by the band. Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross presides over the first-ever Bachelorette Roast, where ten bachelors perform live in front of an audience, but one man steps over the line, taking his roast of Ashley too far. 

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