Ashley Hebert Says: "Bentley Williams isn't here for the Right Reasons"

According to Bachelor Blogger, Reality Steve, Ashley Hebert does something shocking in the first episode of The Bachelorette. During her conversation with Chris Harrison, Ashley tells him that Bentley Williams isn't here for the right reasons.

How does Ashley know this? Who is Bentley Williams?

According to Reality Steve, "Before meeting the guys, Ashley tells Chris (Harrison) that she’s been told that one of the guys cast on the on the show, Bentley Williams, isn’t there for the right reasons. Ashley says she was told this by a former “Bachelor” cast member (from Brad Womack's season) who is friends with Bentley’s ex wife (The former cast member is rumored to be Michelle Money). However, Ashley is conflicted because she’s attracted to Bentley and wants to believe him.."  No doubt, that Ashley will ask Bentley about this sooner than later.  


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