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Natalie Getz first appeared on Jason Mesnick's season of The Bachelor. Natalie and David Good went on to win the first season of ABC's Bachelor Pad!

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Hi Everyone, 

Onto The Bachelor Week 6.

Aaaaayyyessss weeeeee heeeeeyre Brayyyadddd narrate the beginning of the episode... I am trying hard not to get irritated by the amount of time it takes him to spit out a sentence. I know southern accents are cute. I get it but my #1 pet peeve is slow moving people. Entering the 6th episode, my imaginary love affair with Brad is officially over! 
This is strictly because of his slow talking accent and and also because I know that he not only drives slow but makes slow decisions, talks to the gas station attendant about the weather, waves to the old man next door every morning, and never has road rage because he is more than likely creating it with his f&^%ing Texas demeanor.  All these things I want in a man but I have things to do.  Speed it up sunshine!  Brad is still dreamy and makes real, romantic TV, so that's why you should always watch ABC's The Bachelor.  Forever.  Always.  Always and Forever and Forever and Always.  Amen.
Now, if you all remember correctly from my last blog post, my second largest fear is Polo shirts.  It took me a fine minute to even type that word because it grosses me out so much.  It's a weird issue, I know. But honestly, how hideous are they?  I have a few southern girlfriends who love them (DeAnna Pappas loves a freakin Polo on a guy! Darn it).  A lot of people will disagree with me here but I cannot stand a polo unless you are golfing, working, or an old man.  GetzStyle TipIf you are wondering what to wear to look nice in the heat, don't sport a polo.  They look like fancy t-shirts and something Jake Pavelka would were.  Ewww BURN! Choose an alternative such as a short sleeve button down or a nice v-neck or crewneck clean fit t-shirt.  If you style your bottom half correctly, this can dress up a plain top.  Roll up your jeans, or wear a unique pair of shorts if it's really hot, and of course, pay attention to foot wear.
Is Britt really wearing heart shaped sunglasses?  I keep saying how nice she is even though she wears 1990 prom dresses but now I'm getting creeped out.  It's kind of like when you find out someone you are dating has a cat.  You run, right?  If you are arguing this point, kill your cat immediately! As Chantal O. is whisked off on her one-on-one date with Brad, we hear Michelle and Emily banter about why she should or shouldn't get the rose.  I am in awe as Michelle states, "Chantal is really aggressive and overly confident."  Really?  Wowzers Ca-Dowzers.  Hey Pot!  It's me, Kettle- You are black.
Brad and Chantal's One on One Date: 
Zip lining? WHAT? That's so not anything that has EVER happened on this show.  As the two are zip lining, I overhear Chantal say,"It's definitely a different position having my legs wrapped tightly around Brad but, it's something I could definitely get used to."  I swear to God, when you blog you hear more then you would watching regularly.  I just love to think about which producer came up with these one liners to laugh about if it makes the air.  In this case, it did.  I'm gonna say, congratulations to producer Elan Gale, on the best suggestive one liner ever! 
It starts pouring rain during the dinner portion of their date, as it always does.  Fate?  I think so.  The Gods are trying to get these two in the bedroom--I mean naked---I mean Inside.  Honestly, at times, I feel like creator of the show, Mike Fleiss, has a total in with the big guy upstairs. "Make it rain God!  Make a volcano erupt, God! God, can you help these two fall in love so that my show has more successful love stories?  Oh, and God? Hello? Are you there? It's me, Margaret." Anyway, the rain causes Brad to take his shirt off and Chantal to put it on.  He tells her she looks sexier then ever and she gets the rose. 

Back at the mansion, we see Michelle talking to herself outside (weirdo!) about how it's "crazy" rain.  How kleeshay.  She is just glad it ruined Brad's date with Chantal...hahaha sucka!  You wish!  It only made it that much steamier.  Brad and Chantal have as what I see as the most "real" date and connection in The Bachelor history.
Alli is going on a one-on-one date. Hmmm. I want to point out how Alli chose a unique owl necklace as a statement piece and paired it with a white boy tank.  I love a plain white boy tank for so many reasons, and a necklace is one of them.  If you want your statement piece to pop, make sure the rest of you outfit is basic.  GetzStyle Tip: White boy tanks are the perfect and easiest way to dress in a flash when you can't find anything to wear in your closet. Pair the tank with dark skinny jean- cuff them up and wear a bold edgy heal.  Throw on a chunky necklace, a blazer or a scarf and viola!  Your Golden!  

Too boring to discuss. Yawn. 
Brad and Alli's One on One Date: 
Honestly? Once again, boring!! Brad has dinner with arachnophobia Alli after a traumatic cave tour and the conversation is sinking more then their chairs were at dinner.  I was so bored watching them, that I was fixated on my curiosity if these two were eating over quicksand or what?  Hmmm. Anyway, Brad dumps her. 
Later on at Brad's house,  he says that he's tired and needs some emotional downtime just as we here a knock at his door.  Poor guy! Just as I thought it was going to be his therapist,  we see Michelle standing at the door.  Heerrrrreeeeeeeeeee's Johnny!  "The Shining" style.  She once again rips the other girls apart, acting like she can make all of Brad's decisions.  At least Brad is starting to see it. 

Brad let's the women know he is exhausted and frustrated with some of them  I love that Brad is so honest! He pulls the beautiful Emily aside for quickie. Let's make this quick and wrap this up (That's what she said!).  Michelle admits to the women she snuck over to Brad's, Chantal O. professed her love to Brad, turning his night around, blah blah blah, and FINALLY!  Chris Harrison arrives!  Where the heck have you been, Chris?  This is the first I've seen you tonight, and I gotta say, "I missed you!"  With Alli already gone, Jackie soon joins her in the single life.  
If you have been reading my blogs, you must know how thrilled I am that Jackie can become my new BFF and we can drink red wine together without the distraction of her having a fiance.  Phew!  I mean, Brad's crazy to get rid of her before Michelle but whatever.

(1) As usual, Emily looks outstanding in a remarkable floral print bohemian style dress.  This dress flows in the breeze as it V's deep into the bust line and then criss crosses down her upper back. This is the perfect dress for Costa Rica and year round. (Most department stores carry "resort wear" year round).  Try Nordstroms for this dress. Pair up this dress with a stylish dressy pair of ballet flats.  In the Fashion word, there are six seasons:  Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, Holiday, and Resort.  Just so you know! 

(2) I like the style of Michelle's halter dress which ties at the waste and then freely flows at the legs, HOWEVER, I do not like the fabric or the pattern.  The fabric is too casual for a Rose Ceremony dress, and the print looks like a cow either just ate bubble gum or walked through a Valentine's Day gift shop.   
(3) Jackie always has great. She has classic designs and this one is definitely one of my favorites from her closet. The fabric looks rich and patterned while the dress is constructed very well.  The capped sleeves match the swooped neckline perfectly while the material cinches at her waist and sits just above the knee.  I am glad it is shorter in length verses longer, because length on a very conservative, classic look like this would look very churchy to me. 

(1) Chantal: You are becoming my favorite so I don't like knocking your style but this dress belongs in the dumpster.  I wouldn't even donate that dress to Goodwill in fear I'd see it again on someone. All of you know how I feel about animal print by now and it is way too tight on her.  The straps are too wide and the the V neckline hits her in a weird spot.  As if that wasn't bad enough, the fabric looks shiny and cheap.  Honestly though, I like this about Chantal because it just shows she probably never wears dresses out. I am not a huge fan of dresses myself (I prefer something that takes more effort to show off one's personality).  Chantal always has on fun basics through out the day.  Next time I run out of toilet paper, I will barrow Chantal's dress and put it to use. 

(2) Britt....(deeeeeep long sigh), Oh Britt.  And that's it really.  At least your hair looked very beachy and beautiful to match your flawless face!  Ladies!  I'm all about finding different pieces at cheap clothing stores like Forever 21, however, it looks like some of these girls shopped the 2004 Forever 21 sale rack.  
GetzStyle Award this Week: Natalie Getz
(you should have seen my wardrobe this past week.  AMAZZZZ)!

Ok guys, that's it for the week.  If I've taught you anything this week, I hope it's that heart-shaped sunglasses are creepy, cats suck, and polos are gawd awful.  "Thank God we're living in a country where the sky's the limit, the stores are open late, and, thanks to television, you can shop in bed."  -Joan Rivers

Natalie Getz


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