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Natalie Getz first appeared on Jason Mesnick's season of The Bachelor. Natalie and David Good went on to win the first season of ABC's Bachelor Pad!

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Hey Everyone,

First off, let's talk BACHELOR GOSSIP! There was a Bachelor reunion party last week in New York and another one this Saturday in LA....

Bachelor Reunion Gossip in NYC and LA: 
For those of you on twitter, I'm sure you have seen the new love triangle between Gia, Vienna, and Wes.  I love them all and will not take sides, but, please you nerds!  Keep your private lives off twitter!  You are beyond starving for attention at this point.  And I will tell you that to your face and then we will give hugs and laugh. :)  I won't ever spill dirt or give specifics, but in this case, it's all over twitter and I'm only promoting the triangle.  I also heard that Ali Fedotowsky's season of boys were misbehaving!  Shocker?  Not really.  Her boys know how to party!  I hung out with her season of guys the most, and I can not keep up with them.  Sheesh!  With that being said, I know it was a drama filled week at the reunion. This does not at all surprise me, and this is also why I stayed back in LA...  Besides, our reunion is coming this Saturday in Hollywood and we will do it all over again!  I'll fill you all in next week on the details of the party this weekend. If you are going to be in the LA area, please stop by Saturday and join us as we will  be giving back to the environment by working with Tree People at Griffith Park planting trees. 

Onto my Bachelor recap...

Three dates this week: 
Group date, one on one, and the dreaded 2 on 1 date. Who cares about the dates?! I'm just fast forwarding to hearing Michelle's outrageous claims that we love to hate.  She is one intense girl!  They have 1 hour to pack for Las Vegas (Chris Harrison wasn't kidding, they really give you no time).  On my season of The Bachelor, I shared a room with Melissa, Molly, Lauren and Raquel.  5 beds shoved into what is a fraction of my bedroom at home. One shower, one small mirror (that's right, no full length) and ALL of our luggage.

 Michelle states, "I need some of these girls to go home, primarily because I need more space for my luggage."  (I agree with you on that, Michelle).  As the girls pull up and Aria Hotel gets it's sponsorship air time, I am so excited to see what happens.  Sin City.  Oh Boy.  Yes, I have some memories there, as we all know.  Brad: "I'm questioning my relationships with some of these women and trying to get to know them better, so I'm going to spend a week in Vegas to figure it out."  Hahahaa!  Yes, that's exactly what I would do if I was trying to get to know someone on a relationship level- for sure would....take them to Vegas?  He will for sure see who is the biggest animal!  As the girls settle into there mansion in the Vegas sky, Brad leaves behind a date card claiming he wants to "bang" Shawtel at the end of there one on one date.  Date card: "Let's end the night with a bang."  Saddle up Sally!  Shawtel is in for a wild.....ride?  Ahem, next-

One on One Date:
Brad's black denim vest over his black and white plaid woven is a great look for him. GetzStyle Tip:  When choosing a vest, make sure it is in good taste.  If he had on a "club wear" shiny vest, he would have looked very Jersey shore.  Instead, he pulls this off with masculinity and dude appeal. My only complaint is the woven button down show be untucked and the vest left open, only because he is so leggy that once again, this style tip will elongate the torso. As Brad walked past the Bellagio fountain, I can't help but mention I have always dreamt of getting proposed to a Frank Sinatra song while the water is dancing to his voice.  Shawntel kept it simple yet flattering with an off the shoulder, red long sleeve thin sweater and white shorts.  Again, simple can go wrong if you have the wrong style and cut.  Make sure to choose the correct length and fit in the shorts so that they don't come off looking like "mom jeans."  Also, the way her top flow is way more intriguing then just some ordinary, boxy long sleeve sweater.  It tightens at the waist and flows throughout the arms. Throw a tank under an off the shoulder top to add more detail just like Shawntel did.

Brad tells Shawntel that she gets to go on a shopping spree and get whatever she wants and I am immediately jealous!  For those of you who have never been to Aria, it's no ordinary mall.  The only stores within the mall are high end designers.  Wow!!  Her shopping spree may very well put ABC in a recession.  While I certainly love and respect these designers, I am not a fan of logos on clothes or accessories. (Channel, Coach, Dolce and Gabanna, etc.).  I think it is very tacky, so if you are wealthy enough to afford this luxury, choose non-logo purchases.  The quality of the garments screams expensive itself.  I'm not a mall shopper, I' prefer boutiques and searching for unknown designers with very unique pieces which I can pair up with maybe one piece of high end design. I'm loving this look Shawtel pulled out for her first stop on the shopping spree.  A bright yellow blazer with a loud multi-colored scarf.  Brad tells her she looks great, and after a brief pause, Shawntel says, "So do you."  No you don't, Brad.  Please take off that crushed velvet, bright purple, Austin Powers looking jacket off of your gorgeous body immediately.  Shawntel is the perfect girl for the date, because she is definitely not a gold digger and you can tell she has much appreciation and thanks for the gifts she was given today.

How adorable is Brad on this date?!  He is following her around giving sound and sincere advice, complementing her left and right while most men would be sitting in the food court or at the slot machine.  She will for sure be the best dressed at the Rose Ceremony tonight!  Is it already too early on in the episode to say she is getting the GetzStyle award tonight!  It's annoying to me that Michelle thinks Shawtel couldn't be Brad's wife.  How does she know?  I think she is more so suited for him rather than Michelle for not only the obvious reasons, but also the look of envy and anger she had on her face when Shawntel walked through the room.  Brad needs a sweet girl who would jump up and get excited to look at Shawntel's purchases!  Brad comes to pick up Shawntel and talks to the ladies making sure they are all having a good time before he leaves on his date with Shawntel who he is going to attempt to "bang.".  Shawntel walks down the stair case in this PHENOMENAL black dress.  The way the straps are cut really accentuate her toned shoulders and arms and the criss crossing of the straps in the back adds unique, sexy detail.  The gathering of fabric in different areas draws our eyes to all the right places while dominating the shape of her perfect, hourglass figure.

After Shawntel discusses embalming the deceased, she gets the rose.  She has Brad laughing soooooo hard!  I love seeing this humorous side of Brad. Fireworks, she gets the rose, the girls are jealous (obviously) and the date is over.  Other then their kiss looking a little forced, this was one of my favorite dates this season!  Now they can go "Bang."

Group Date:
Date Card... Everyone is very nervous!  From what I understand, the two Ashley's are total besties.  Michelle is glad this is happening to the Ashley's so that they can part ways.  Come on Michelle, that's just mean!!  The rest of the girls are visibly upset for these two.

David, Kovacs, and I were actually all in Vegas this weekend and David text me to say he saw producers at the Aria.  Ha!!! I do remember there being some sort of race car convention going on.  Anyway, we see them walk up to the race track as, of course, Michelle has a voice over stating that she is HOT and fun.  Brad is so sweet as he pulls Emily aside and telling her that they will all leave if she feels uncomfortable.

If you think having Emily on the race car date was produced and planned, you are completely wrong.  

He couldn't take her on the one on one date because he had already taken her on one at this point.  He couldn't take her on the two on one date because it would have been too obvious to the audience that Brad would give her the rose.  ABC had the race car date planned well in advance and it just happened that way.

At the after party, Brad pulls Emily aside for the fourth time and this sets the girls off.  You can see why it frustrates them, but at the same time, they have to understand it's not Emily's fault she was chosen for this emotional date.  Emily just wants Brad to be real and honest with her, as she has been doing the same. Michelle pulls Brad aside and tells him that the other girls are too immature.  At least they are nice girls, appreciative girls.  She says she isn't having fun and just wants to be with Brad.  As Brad gives her the rose, it completely worries me that he doesn't like the sweet, fun girls who even though would rather be alone with Brad, are completely making the most of a group date and are clearly thankful for this opportunity to be in such an elaborate place.  Brad pulls Emily aside for the 5th time and gives her the rose.  I agree with his decision, because she conquered her fears and maybe gained a little more closure on this date.  Brad wants to make sure she knows he isn't rattled by her past and wants to move forward with her by not replacing her late fiancee, Ricky, but being her future.

Two on One Date:
Date card arrives and the two Ashley's are an emotional mess.  Brad arrives to pick these ladies up in a starched, clean white oxford shirt with a sharp, jet-black velvet blazer. The girls are silent as they ride up the escalator and walk the endlessly long Vegas hotel hallways to meet Brad. I am more jealous of this date then I am Shawntel's shopping spree date.  I am a HUGE Broadway junky.  I know every show tune out there and try to learn all the dance moves.  If I could go back in time, I'd devote my life to being a Broadway star.  I have more chills of excitement rushing through me as I watch these dancers kill it on stage!

I'm surprised he picked these two because I imagined these two both going further then some of the other girls.  Here is the deal, of course Brad probably felt more connected with Ashley S. then he did to Marissa, Britt, Alli, and Jackie, however, he probably told producers that she wouldn't be in his top 3.  That being said, this is a TV show and they needed to "shock" the audience.  I'm frustrated because Ashley S. is so sweet and sincere and Ashley H. is being a negative Nancy as Brad is holding the rose giving his speech. Ashley H. needs to be more positive like Ashley S. and that's probably was Ashley H.'s purpose for being on the show.  To gain and retain her friendship with Ashley H. so she can be more happy go lucky.

And I CAN NOT believe Ashley H. didn't have more sympathy in her eyes when Ashley S. was leaving!  

In fact, she kissed her rose and blew it towards her so-called friend. Brutal!  She is her BFF in the house and couldn't even stand up and give her a hug?  Christ almighty!  Brad! Quit letting the sweet girls go home!  I'm heart broken for Ashley S.  She is so adorable it's ridiculous.  The crying at the end was a little much, maybe trying to be the next bachelorette?  The tears are acceptable, but not the belly cry as if someone important to her passed away.  I'm over this date, let's get to the rose ceremony. 

Rose Ceremony: 
Crap. Here comes the therapist.  Again, it is great that he is talking to him for advice but I believe that stuff is between the two of them and should be private.  But hey, this is a TV show so I have to get over my yawning and listen in.  As Brad is chatting away with the life coach, I notice how beautiful he is. Ha!  Look at that jaw line and those cheekbones.  Not to mention his bright blue eyes and that rough boy scruff.  Ahem.  Where were we?  Right. Therapy.  I'm going to need it once I spend all my Bachelor Pad winnings on those stunning feather shoes Shawntel picked out.  PS- I just noticed that Brad and I both have the same Blackberry and Case. So CLEARLY we are going to be blackberry messenger buddies and obviously best friends.  He is caaaaayute!

After Brad arrives in a simple tailored black suit with a basic black pencil tie (which I love), he starts the cocktail party. Michelle is using sex appeal to be with Brad.  He continually falls for her seductions.  How can he not see this?  Maybe he is just keeping her around for a fantasy suite over night date before he gets rid of her.  After all, he is a guy!

The Good:
Look at this edgy little number Chantal has on!  The sheer netting on the chest just adds the perfect touch to the white and black detailed short dress she has on.  It looks like she is getting ready to walk the red carpet at a fun Hollywood party.  I love the way the black lines race along her body to accentuate all the right spots.  Chantal knows how to sport her cleavage in a tasteful way by letting it peak through the sheer overlay of material.  Marissa is always so put together, and she looks classic in this strapless short black dress with a thick piece of silver material wrapped around her waste.  She has never failed me.  She is has a very conservative, sexy style.  I love her bangles around her wrists for the ultimate touch.  Emily's dress is once again unique with the a black pattern criss crossing all the way down her white dress. Lisa!  Your dress phenom!!!!!  The way the back is cut into a T-strap with an exposed zipper all the way down your back is high five worthy.  I LOVE exposed zippers btw.  If you are reading this, find me on facebook immediately and tell me where you got it.  This multi-colored, go-go style dress was the PERFECT dress for a Vegas rose ceremony.

*I couldn't ever get a really good glimpse of Jackie's dress tonight, and I'm disappointed because she always has cool dresses.  Giving her a shout out anyway b/c she is one of my favorites.

The Bad:
What in the name of Versace is Michelle wearing.  Not only do I not like the print, but the cut is awful.  Her necklace was poorly paired up with it. Britt: I hate doing this to you because you are so sweet.  But it has to be said that you consistently wear 1990's prom dresses.  There is no current trend in your cocktail attire.  Whatsoever.  But you do have great daytime apparel.

Foot Notes:
Michelle dressed up her leggings with Tall black slouch boots.  Man. I love this girls daytime apparel! Shawntel chooses takes a risk choosing a shoe that I'm so in love with it hurts.  The feather detail on the back of the heal of this heavenly black pump is making my heart beat faster.  These will look great with a fun cocktail dress, or a pair of supper skinny, black jeans.  I have goose bumps and the TV is on pause as I poor a glass of Vino and toast these shoes. For the first time, I may have found love on The Bachelor.  They would never leave me and would give me ample amounts of attention.  If I had to pick one thing to "bang" on this show, it would be Shawtel's new shoes.

“About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs.” -Manolo Blahnik.  Manolo, we love you for that.

Until next week, make the world your runway and rock it. Much love to you all. 

XOXO Natalie Getz


Beth said...

Wow, Natalie, you felt like Chantal's cleavage was tasteful? You obviously have a much different definition of tasteful than I do. A sluttier definition.

Anonymous said...

Loved this last blog! Your blog is the only blog worth reading. And, wow, Beth- maybe you can barrow Brad's therapist to get through your insecurities and issues. Agreed you are a crazy bitch

Meggy said...

Natalie - Lisa's dress was from Urban Outfitters - see it here: Chasing Davies

Picking up Women said...

The only stores within the mall are high end designers.