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Natalie Getz first appeared on Jason Mesnick's season of The Bachelor. Natalie and David Good went on to win the first season of ABC's Bachelor Pad! Check out Natalie's Bachelor Blog Week 1.

Natalie's Bachelor Blog: Episode Two
By: Natalie Getz

This week on The Brothel... I mean Sister Wives... I mean The Bachelor.  Huh? Anyway, the show starts off with Brad strolling around the astro turf while casually picking up his football and of course, talking about his feelings.  Brad's voice tone cracks me up!  He always sounds so monotone and mellow. Maybe it's a southern thing?  Oh for the love of Ray- let's just get on with the episode, because IT IS GOOD.

Date 1:
Brad and Ashley H take an already seemingly creepy drive through a deserted forest. As they reach their destination, Ashley pulls a trigger to turn on lights to my worst nightmare:  Clowns and Jesters are jumping at me through the TV screen! My palms are sweating and I'm more scared watching this then I would be watching Nickelodeon's "Are You Afraid of the Dark.Eeek! 

Memories are pouring through my mind of being a small child at the circus, hiding behind my Dad's legs and fearful the clown would pick me for audience involvement. I only watch long enough to take a good glimpse at her attire.  Sporting a rose ceremony cocktail dress, Ashley is a little too dressed up for this date.  While her tutu-inspired dress is adorable, it's not first date material.  She should have worn a great pair of dark denim skinny jeans, a cute top, and a blazer or scarf to dress it up.  Pairing the outfit with a great pair of heels or tall rider boots would have been icing on the cake.  Dressed in a suit, Brad should have kept his look more casual.  I'm tired of guys wearing suits. Suits are for formal events, not the creepy town fair.  Brad should have worn jeans paired with a white deep V-neck T-shirt, covered by a black blazer and a loose fitting black pencil tie. (Side note, American Apparel has great pieces to pull off this look). Yes, imagine him in my creation, yummmmmmmmmm! Anyway, Brad and Ashley make out, talk about emotional things, yada yada yada and she gets the rose.   

Back at the mansion the girls hear a knock at the door.  Date Card!!!  Holy TRL with the screaming!  You would think a topless David Good just walked through the door!  

Group Date:
Giving blood with former cast mates this weekend in LA was a great experience.  Donating blood once saves 3 lives.  No excuses people!  Get out and give blood at your local blood drives!  
This date is cute because the whole point is that giving blood doesn't have to be dramatic.  Soooo many funny things happening. Where do I begin?
Let's start with Chantal and Britt. "What do you have to do, Britt?" A girl asks. Britt responds, "Make out with Brad on a bed with Chantal."  You know, pretty much your Typical Tuesday.  

God, I love this show! 

As Alli's eyes roll to the back of her head, we see Britt going to town on Brad's mouth.  Get it, girl!  I'm proud of Britt for coming out of her shell.  I love that Chantal is so chill about everything.  I love her demeanor and relaxed attitude towards this dating game. I'm keeping my eye on this one. She is playing this game well.  She's laying low for now but I guarantee we see a lot more of her soon.  As for Madison, OF COURSE she is on this date.  Blood is totally her thing! I bet she saved 100 lives with her blood supply! Melissa states how badly she does not want to be the cougar as the camera then points to her saying "Clearly I'm the cougar." But honestly, we knew she was the cougar.  Her animal print top gave it away.  

Note to Melissa, do not wear any sort of zoo animal print unless you are 40 years+

How awkward was it when Melissa broke into Emily and Brad's scene?  Ahahahaha!  As for Keltie, I think it's clear that she is on production's bad side.  Otherwise, why else would they have made her look like your worst nightmare on the softball field? 

Birthday girl Michelle makes the day entirely about herself! She steals Brad away for some one on one action at the after party.  Meanwhile, Melissa and Raichel are fighting and I'm hoping it gets physical, complete with torn clothes for the sole purpose that they have to change into cuter outfits.  This fight is epic and it's only episode 2!  We hear things such as, "You are a toxic disease to me in this journey," and threats like, "Are you going to let me talk or are you going to keep running that mouth?" Marissa was standing there, watching the fight go down, slightly egging it on.

I was laughing so hard because this is soooo a Natalie move. If I got bored during my season, I'd hang out with the people that were fighting complete with a cocktail in my hand.  Pure entertainment!  

The rose is still up for grabs but not for long.  After the camera flashes past Shawntel's amazing blue-ish green, sequin bikini (she looked so glamorous!), Brad gives the rose to Michelle.  Shocker.  Michelle is obsessed with her birthday and makes a production out of getting the rose.  When they interview her, she is acting a little off.  Creepy, if you will.  Was that the alcohol in her talking? Man alive!
*Best style on this date? Michelle.  She kept it simple with a bubble gum pink pencil skirt and plain white tank top.  By doing this, her turquoise necklace completely popped.  The turquoise complimented the pink skirt very well and she looked gorgeous.

Back at the mansion... Another date card arrives.  Whoah! Who the heck is Sara P?  I thought she was a prop or something.  She never gets air time and now that she finally got some, she wears a black t-shirt with an AWFUL neckline and capped sleeves.  Natalie Tip: Basic T's are my favorite but you have to wear them right. It's all about the cut of the T, from the neckline to the sleeve length.  Try American Apparel or Urban Outfitters to find this perfected basic look.  Anyway, I'm sure she is nice.... blah blah blah. Whatever. Moving on.

Date 2:
Jackie is drifted off to LA-LA land in a sweet car and a sharp looking Brad.  Brad wore a super hot country western woven.  Ahhhh so hot. Good Lord! Jackie looked so cute in her ruffled red, casual flowing top complete with skinny jeans and a solid pair of heels. 

If you must know. Jackie is my favorite so far.  

Jackie gets the glam date.  As she is picking out her dress from a room full of great designs, she also gets her hair and makeup done. How fun!  She chooses a sleek, gorgeous gown with a swooping neckline and drop back, complete with cinching at the waistline. The gown effortlessly flows down her body.  My role model and fashion icon, Joan Rivers, would be proud of Jackie's gown decision.  I LOVE a bow tie on a man and Brad is sporting one as he picks her up in his sexy tuxedo.  He dresses her neck with an elegant necklace and the two look like a model couple strolling the streets. The Hollywood Bowl is shut down for these two. AMAZING.  Jacob Dillon looks rocker hot as he sings as the front man for the hip band, Train.  How cool is this date?  Of course she gets the rose! 

Rose Ceremony and Cocktail Party:
Brad seems sincerely irritated and stressed over the drama between Melissa and Raichel.  He is such a man's man and I love him for that!  As he pulls each of the girls aside, he gains the understanding that they both are emotionally unstable and that Melissa has had onions on her pizza for dinner.  See ya ladies!  I must say, you girls made this episode a blast to watch!  I'm sad you two are gone. Now who is going to fight?  This is reality TV!  We neeeeeeed drama! Ali and Roberto come to give the Brad advice on the women.  They choose Emily for Brad and he seems completely happy with that! 

I'm a huge Emily fan and can't wait to see a one on one date between her and Brad.  

Ali Fedotowsky looks flirty and playful in her silver sequin, boy cut frock. This suits her fun loving personality, and at the same time, she looks incredibly sexy and put together.  As for Roberto, let's be real here girls, he could be wearing a potato sack and still look great.  Having met them both, I must say they are absolutely adorable together and are head over heals in love.  
Onto fashion. What's up with the cleavage spilling out of some of these girls dresses?  Come on ladies, this isn't Tampa. (Reference Michelle for sporting her cleavage in a taste full way).  She wore a super cute black romper with a sweat heart neckline, short in length showing off her shapely legs.  Well done girl! Now, let's fix this crazy persona your giving off. 

The Bad:  Oh Britt.  You're killing me. Your dress is worse then pajama jeans.  Ashley H was going in the right direction trying to sport the high neckline gathered at the base of the neck, but Madison rocked it! This type of gown neckline is great for showing off broad, sexy shoulders.  Alli, the merchant, chose yet another boring dress.  I think she is a merchant for Abercrombie and Fitch, which explains everything.  (I used to work for A+F corporate, and trust me, they are so out of tune when it comes to staying current and having any sort of originality).  Chantal's wardrobe is very blah but I like this about her.  She seems to not take anything too seriously and isn't caught up in any sort of vanity.  She just wants Brad. End of story.  

The Good:  Jackie chose a very unique, black and tan lace dress. As always, she looks great in this original piece.  The GetzStyle Award this week goes out to Marissa.  Her dress blew me out of the water!  The layering of the fabric, pointing in a downward V, fishtailing from her bust to waistline, fit Marissa like a glove.  Her hair was in a perfect up-do, showing off her back and chest, and allowing our eyes to focus on the detailing of her stunning gown.  Jackie was a close second, however, proving to us she knows how to dress through her date with Brad and her original rose ceremony dress choice. This week was awesome.  I laughed, cried, etc.

Remember to keep an open eye to fashion, take risks, and be original.  Don't be "clothes minded!" I am also blogging for ABC solely on fashion, so check it out!  www.thebachelor.warnerbros.com.  

Natalie Getz


Anonymous said...

You know Natalie, if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything. Whom the hell is paying you to blog? WHAT DO YOU MEAN Ashley H was to dressed up. “Ashley is a little too dressed up for this date. While her tutu-inspired dress is adorable, it's not first date material.” How could she have known what to dress up. The card had a date and she was to be picked up at night not morning so any normal girl which probably you’re not, will know that if a guy picks you up at night for a date, a restaurant is in place. You have been on the show and so you should know that if the card said “oh were going to the park”, you would put on something simple may be jeans but those cards don’t say anything so you wouldn’t know what to wear. GIVE ASHLEY a break. Don’t even make me start commenting on your bachelor pad experience.

Chasing Davies said...

Actually, I'm not 100% sure - but I don't think Ashley even picked that dress out. What I do know is that she was "given" that dress (which explains the $1000 price card) from the show to wear, so she didn't really pick it out to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Keep blogging, other people just need to feed into simple sarcasm and it's their choice to read the blog or not. The show is so serious with all this lovey dovey crap and your blog is the one thing i look forward to after the show to lighten it up a bit. Keep up the good work, Natalie!

Anonymous said...

Gee Nat your comment about "women over 40 wearing animal print! Have you been to a store lately animal print is in just in case you forgot that. What is with you and the slamming these women about the sleeve length size, etc. You better hope you get clients since I highly doubt any employer will ever hire you due to your self-centered attitude. I wish you luck since you will need it to really succeed in life. You will be 40 at some point and possibly still single.

Party supplies said...

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Emily said...

Wow, lighten up, commenters! Natalie's blog is hilarious and should be taken for what it is -- comedy. She isn't being cruel to the ladies, maybe a little snarky, but it's called HUMOR. She has a great sense of of the absurd, writes well, and knows her fashion.

Natalie, keep it up! Your blogs are almost as fun as the show!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Nat! Hilarious commentary! Keep up the fun and don't worry about the people out there who are taking this way too seriously. I can't wait to read next week's entry!

Anonymous said...

Jakob Dylan is not the lead singer for Train...he's the lead singer for The Wallflowers...Patrick Monahan is the hot one you were looking for {:0)

Anonymous said...

Seriously...."Natalie writes well"??? "Sweat heart" and "Taste full" are only two of the many errors in this blog. She wants to be so critical of these girls, she needs to go back to school and get an education.

She had some of the worst outfits on her season. ABC needs to pick a more tasteful fashion blogger and some one who can write.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what's with the negative comments? Lighten up, nobody's forcing you to read this blog.

Personally, Natalie, I thought your humor was a breath of fresh air on Bachelor Pad, and I love how you don't take any of this too seriously. I'm glad I found your blog. I like the mix of style tips and humor. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

The last two standing are Emily and Chantal. He picks Chantal. www.realitytvspoilers.net

Brighter Sunshine said...

hello and nice blog! your comments actually crack me up - looking forward to your take on the latest episode. :) cheers!

Picking up Women said...

The Hollywood Bowl is shut down for these two.

Picking up Women said...

Maybe it's a southern thing? Oh for the love of Ray- let's just get on with the episode, because IT IS GOOD.