The Bachelor Week 3 Spoilers!

Brad as a Vampire

According to Bachelor Blogger Reality Steve, The Bachelor week 3 is filled with more drama!
  • Brad picks Ashley Spivey to go on a one-on-one date and the two end up singing a bad version of a Seal song. Later, Seal does a private performance for the two. 
  • Another one-on-one date goes to Emily Maynard. The sweetheart blond who has been through tragedy. Brad and Emily fly together on a private jet to Santa Monica to enjoy the vineyards. There, Emily confides to Brad that her race car husband died when she was five weeks pregnant. 
  • The group date "movie chase" goes to Britt, Chantal, Shawntel, Kim, Michelle, Lisa, Marissa, Alli, Ashley H., Lindsey, Sarah and Stacey.
There are a lot of tears, a few fangs and three women go home brokenhearted, as usual.

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