DeAnna Pappas talks about Bachelor Brad

DeAnna Pappas and Fiance Stephen Stagliano Snuggle Up Over Coffee 

Ex-Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas is very happy without Brad. Engaged to Stephen Stagliano, DeAnna weighs in on her thoughts about Brad being the Bachelor a second time around in this new interview. 

Do you have more faith in Brad this time around?
DeAnna: I was VERY skeptical. I think everyone will see that on tonight’s show. For me, I think it was very hard to come to terms with the fact that he was going to be The Bachelor again because as I said, we have maintained a friendship. We’ve talked numerous times without producers around, without cameras, without people telling us what to say. We talked about this in depth. I obviously won’t say any of those things because that was one of our intimate conversations. I will say that I was shocked that he’s on The Bachelor again.

Any front-runners or girls that you’ve got your eyes on who you think might be a good fit for Brad?
DeAnna: I do have some favorites from having watched. There are some crazies on there, though! I’m always thankful that I never did anything crazy like, put my legs behind my head. It’s so funny when these girls come on the show and go to all these drastic measures to get noticed. There’s a girl in tonight’s episode who’s obsessed with vampires and I think when everyone sees it they’re going to be like “OH my...” Brad deals with it very charismatically, so that’s really funny, too.

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