Chris Harrison Blogs: "Michelle's Black Eye"

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This week, Chris Harrison, talks about Michelle's black eye..."Before we deal with the drama, we have to deal with the great mystery this season, Michelle’s black eye. Here’s what we know: Everybody went to bed after the rose ceremony. I returned to the house early the next morning to wake the girls up and send them on their dates. Michelle woke up, looked in the mirror and bam, black eye. The truth is nobody has any idea whatsoever how Michelle got that black eye. I don’t think its possible to get a “stress black eye” as she said, and I don’t think she beat herself up. I’ve mentioned in the past that we don’t have cameras rolling 24/7, and we don’t have secret cameras in the girls’ bedroom. Much like the Bermuda triangle, Hugh Hefner’s upcoming wedding and the Kardashians’ popularity, some things just can’t be explained. It was pretty amusing to see Michelle milk it all week using frozen peas, corn and popsicles to try to keep the swelling down." Read Chris Harrison's full Bachelor Blog here!

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