Brad Womack's Blog: "Michelle is a Remarkable Woman"

Brad's Bachelor Blog: Michelle Is a 'Remarkable Woman' | Brad Womack

According to The Bachelor's latest blog post for People Magazine, Brad Womack is highly impressed with....Michelle. As in crazy Michelle.  Brad writes about Michelle: "Michelle and I both agreed that repelling down the building in downtown L.A. was the scariest thing we've ever had to do ... EVER. I'll never forget the feeling of swinging my legs over that building and waiting on Michelle to begin. I was petrified with fear but wanted to be strong for her. She was a mess at first – so terrified she was crying uncontrollably. I was so proud of her for conquering her fear! She did it! We both were so exhilarated when we touched the ground below. More importantly, that evening I saw a side to Michelle that I had been waiting to see. She's obviously beautiful but she's also intelligent, mature and I can tell from listening to her that she is an amazing mother. I want to say this: Michelle is catching some flack for being so outspoken during the episodes, but I'd like to let everyone know what a remarkable woman she is. She has a very funny side to her and maybe she "hams it up" a little bit during certain interviews but I like that. There are many, many positive sides to Michelle that haven't been revealed ... yet" You can read Brad Womack's full bachelor blog at 

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Brad! Since you think MicHELLe is so great, choose her so she can turn your world 'upside down'. Maybe you can make it a threesome and invite Bettina Bell. Don't remember her, Brad? You two were seeing each other for 9 months before you dumped her and high-tailed it back to another fix of The Bachelor.