NEW Interview with Bachelor Brad Womack!

‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack: ‘There Is a Very Happy Ending’ 
In this NEW interview with Bachelor Brad Womack, he reveals that there was a lot of Bachelorette drama in the house. You can read the full interview here!

Did you find love? And how was the experience different this time around?
Brad Womack: I did find love, and I’m very happy to say that and very happy to be able to say that. I’m very much in love. I’m a happy guy. It was completely different for so many reasons. One, of course, I was so much more open to the process and then I just had a great time; though that sounds strange, because I had a good time last time. It was just so much more fun and I don’t know, the women were so much more engaging. It was a great experience.

Was there a lot of drama and competition among the bachelorettes?
Brad Womack: I don’t know if it had anything to with me, but the women were very, very competitive. They made it very well known that they wanted to have their individual time. It was a lot of fun.
I was told there was drama happening back at the house when I wasn’t around. So it’s going to be interesting. I’ll watch it exactly when you watch it.

The all-new season of “The Bachelor” airs January 3 on ABC at 8 p.m. EST.

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