Weatherman Blogs about Bachelor Pad- Week 5

Weatherman Jonathan Novack, might be out of the Bachelor Pad but he is still talking!

According to his blog post at, Jonathan writes "'d hate to be the guy who has to clean the chopping block.  A lot of heads came off on there Monday night. So Chris Harrison lays down a huge, mansion sized bombshell...three girls going home. They all freak out.  I think mainly because it'll take them 7 hours to pack their bags. It's the first challenge and all the guys gather around a "spin the bottle" game.  That competition could have gone in a really bad direction.  But luckily, they kissed the girls.
Kiptyn actually thought about picking Nikki instead of Tenley.  I thought, "I hope the mansion has flood insurance for Tenley's tsunami of tears." Kovacs gave Elizabeth the kiss even though he thinks she has "a screw loose".  Really, just one?  So, the couples all make it through... Read his full blog posting here!

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