Weatherman Blogs about The Bachelor Pad

Forecast- A Limo ride home in the rain. 

It wasn't a good day for the weatherman on last night's episode of the Bachelor Pad. Although Jonathan enjoyed the kissing games, he later got voted off the show. From his blog at RadarOnline, Jonathan blogs "This is not a happy time for me...I wish I had a cherry pie right now.
Let me start by telling you some pet peeves of mine. Bad drivers, pizza with no sauce, and hypocrites. That said, Gia tells us that she was surprised Nikki didn't keep her word in voting off Kiptyn last week. Gia, you whole-heartedly promised to Craig that you'd give him the rose on your group date, and instead gave it to Wes because he flirted with you... and you have a boyfriend. Gia is not at the top of my "People I'm going to buy nice gifts for when I win the $250,000" list. Oh wait, I can't win anymore, can I?"  Read the rest of the Weatherman's blog here!

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