Rozlyn Papa asked to be on Bachelor Pad


Remember Jake Pavelka's Ex, Rozlyn Papa? She was the Bachelor contestant who had 'sexual relations' with the show's producers and was immediately asked to leave the show. 

So why did ABC ask Rozlyn to be on Bachelor Pad? In this interview with Rozlyn, she explains how the show asked her to be on Bachelor Pad and why she turned it down... 

Q: So I guess you wouldn’t sign up to be The Bachelorette if they offered it to you
Rozlyn Papa: "Ah, no — absolutely not. And I’m not strictly opposed to doing another reality show; it would just have to be a very different premise. They did ask me several times if I would do their new show, The Bachelor Pad, which, as they described it is sort of a mix between Survivor and Big Brother, but it’s all people from previous seasons of The Bachelor or Bachelorette. They called and said, “We know you had a really bad experience on our show, and we’re really sorry about the way things happened, but you’re still part of our family.” What kind of dysfunctional family did they grow up in? Anyway, they asked me to do this new show, and my initial response was “No, no, no,” and then I thought there’s a price for everything. But we did not come to an agreement on that, and at the end of the day, I’m just not interested in getting wrapped up in that again"

Q:When you signed up for The Bachelor, did you think at all that you’d meet someone you’d have a relationship with?
Rozlyn: When I signed up, they said [the competition is] between three guys: It’s going to be either Kiptyn, Reid or Jake. I never watched the show, so my sister and I YouTubed them. I talked to the producer, [who asked], “Is there any one that you like?” And I said, “Kiptyn and Reid, but I’m not interested in Jake.” And then, just before I left, they said it’s going to be Jake, and I said I’m not interested. They said, “Oh, it’s fine, just see what happens.”

They didn’t care that I wasn’t interested in him. So, for them to criticize me and say that I wasn’t there for the right reasons — they already knew that I wasn’t going to fall in love with this guy and that I wasn’t attracted to him. They’re not interested in that. They don’t care about people falling in love; they care about the ratings and the drama.
They have story-writers. Everything is very calculated. They knew going in that I wasn’t interested in this guy, but they cast me anyway. They were very much pursuing me to be on the show. It wasn’t the other way around....


Anonymous said...

why in hell would rozlyn go on the bachelor pad she is a disguisting person and vail she aught to leave our country along with vienna as well

Anonymous said...

love you rozlyn!! wish u a good luck.. i hope i can see u someday on tv.. btw, i'm a fan of you from asia..