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From his blog..... "Competition time rolls around, and Kovacs says he doesn't want to hurt the girls' feelings- not because it's mean, but for the sake of strategy.  Nice.  Krisily calls the other girls fake...then votes herself as the most shallow.  Elizabeth claims she isn't shallow, but then admits that she doesn't know what the word means.  And Natalie would take $20 to kiss every guy in the house, but is destroyed when she gets voted to be perpetually single.  I think the Bachelor Pad is located somewhere between the Twilight Zone and the Bermuda Triangle. I was very surprised when everyone voted Gwen the dumbest - she is actually a very smart girl! You can see that when she's consoling Natalie after the competition.  My guess is some people thought that because she's played the game so low-key...or perhaps because she wasn't really in the click of remaining "Insiders". After the winners are announced, Tenley picks Kiptyn for her date. There's been more build-up here than in the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano. But Kiptyn finally kisses Tenley, and I'm guessing a party was thrown in Disney Land to celebrate.  Seriously though, I'm very glad they finally got to get out of the mansion together.  I think they really needed the break to take their "leap of faith." Read Weatherman's full Bachelor Pad blog here.

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