The Best Thing about Bachelor Pad? Chris Harrison's Wardrobe!

We love Chris Harrison but many people have been asking, what's up with his wardrobe during the Bachelor Pad? Even Chris himself has apologized for his outfit on his Twitter account, tweeting “Ep 2 of Bach Pad is really good. I apologize ahead of time for how awesome my outfit is.......even Ellen (Degeneres) called me clownish!" His wardrobe even caught American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest's attention. Seacrest tweeted to Harrison, " Did u get a new stylist on Bachelor Pad the other night?" Seacrest then posting the below photo on his Twitter page. Come on Ryan, don't you like the  purple oxford shirt with a purple dotted tie? We can't wait to see what Chris' wearing in episode 3! 


In case you missed it, Ali Fedotowsky will be on a repeat show of Ellen on Thursday, August 19th. This is a repeat show but still good!

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