NEW Interview with Chris Harrison!

Chris Harrison tells TV Guide that Ali and Frank's relationship is flawed.

Read the full interview with Chris Harrison here! I'm starting to wonder what Ali sees in Frank.
Chris Harrison: I always had questions about Frank with her. This goes to trying to figure out women, which never in a million years will I ever attempt to do. But is it trying to fix him? The relationship is obviously flawed compared to the other ones. I'm not sure what her motivation is, but there's this chemistry, they really like each other, but he makes it hard on her. ... When they're going they're as strong as anybody, but when they're not, he's complaining or worried. Maybe she doesn't even realize how much work it is. When you see them going they seem to have as much, if not more, chemistry than the other guys, but then when it's bad, it's really bad between them. We've seen a lot in the previews about Frank and Ali, so is there more to the story we'll learn?
Harrison: Like with Justin, if you think you know everything, and you think you've seen everything, you haven't. That's why we weren't too worried about showing that something is coming because it's something you have to see, something you're going to want to hear and you have to experience to know what's happened. It's almost less about Frank and Ali and more about how it shapes the rest of our show. ... We'll have a lot to talk about next week.

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Anonymous said...

One of comedian once said Chris Harrison is some kind of the famous TV PIMP. But he is very smart one and honest one when he seeing through Frank. Frank with the fake smiling. Acting like a woman two faced like when he told the one with a new tatoo|(if that boy was my son I would kill him when he got home like Ali telling him "your mother going to kill you for that". I totally agreed with Ali.] to go get Justin when he got the same date with Justin.
A lots of times he even could say anything clearly...and he wants to be a writer working in Hollywood? I just disliked him from first time I see him.