Jesse Csincsak tells us more behind-the-scenes

Ann Lueders & Jesse Csincsak

What happens when Ali finished shooting the Bachelorette? Where does she go? Who better to ask then a bachelor himself.... Deanna Pappas ex- Jesse Csincsak tells the truth!

According to Jesse's weekly Bachelor Blog (, He says...

"Remember now Ali finished shooting this season over a month ago! Which means she is either in hiding with her man or is single??? I guess we have to wait to find out until next week...But when you are in hiding this is how it works.... A Producer will call you and set up a day to fly you to a chosen city where they have a secret house rented for the weekend... They can't fly you to the same airport though because YOU MIGHT BE SEEN TOGETHER... So they fly you into separate airports in the same area then a HANDLER from the production company picks you up separately and drives you to the house that production has rented for the weekend... You also can't go grocery shopping together so they have that handler do all of your grocery shopping and get you whatever you might need..." Read Jesse's full posting here.

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