The Bachelorette: Is Roberto the final one?

This website predicts that Roberto Martinez will be the last one standing. The rumor is that Roberto proposes to Ali and a few weeks later both are single again. "Roberto will propose to Ali, but a few weeks after the show is off the air Ali becomes single once again." " Read more here

Of course, In Touch Magazine is saying that Ali is tricked by the one she really loves - Frank.

Ali Fedotowsky InTouch Weekly Cover

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Anonymous said...

I think Frank's girlfriend Nicole wants him back because she knows she can get him, and have her 10 minutes in the spotlight. I didn't see her as being genuine when he first asked her about her feelings. Maybe a hint of jealousy when he said he was fighting other men for Ali for weeks. She just wants to prove she can get him back. If she feels so strongly about him why didn't she contact him before now instead of being so surprised when he showed up? I think Ali is better off without him. He's just too messed up.