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Bachelorette Ali blogs this week about week 2 with her boys...

Ali writes on "My first week of dates! They were so much fun but not at all what I expected. Why? Because dating 17 guys is really hard!

As you know, my first date was with Frank and I can honestly say that it was the most fun I’ve ever had on a first date in my whole life. As soon as Frank got into the car we clicked. He is so easy to talk to and super funny, which is exactly what I have been looking for. I knew he was a good match for me when we were both able to laugh about the fact that our car broke down in the middle of the highway. I could not believe that happened! I’m actually glad it did though because it’s such a fun story to tell. The only downside is that Frank never even tried to fix it! C’mon, Frank! At least try! Luckily the rest of the date went perfectly and by the end of the night, we had made a very strong connection.

Now onto the group date … which was very overwhelming. I’m so glad that we got the chance to do something for charity since giving back is really important to me. However, the photo shoot kept us super busy so it was hard to focus on getting to know the guys. And I still can’t believe the guys put on those Speedos!!! I swear I knew nothing about the outfits before we went on the date and I actually felt bad for the guys, but they were all such great sports. I’m sure they were thrilled once we all put on regular clothes and headed to H Wood in Hollywood. I was really glad that I was able to spend a lot of one-on-one time with the guys at the afterparty. Jonathan warned me about Craig M., but honestly, I already knew something was up with him. I was thankful that Jonathan had my back and let me know about it; otherwise, I would have just been speculating. I didn’t want to address Craig M. about it on the date, though, so I waited until the rose ceremony to confront him.

Before we get to the rose ceremony though, let’s talk Vegas! What an over-the-top date! As many of you know, I am not the most glamorous gal. Therefore I felt a little bit uncomfortable with the A-list service we received that day. You probably noticed that by the end of the night I had kicked off my heels and was running around barefoot. Where were my sneakers when I needed them?

The rose ceremony this week was completely different than last week. I finally felt like myself. I was able to relax and focus all of my attention on getting to know the guys. It was a good thing too because I needed to feel confident going into my conversation with Craig M. I feel bad that he was able to pinpoint Jonathan after I told him that someone called him dangerous. I didn’t realize that Craig would know whom I was talking about. At the end of the night, I felt confident in my decision to let Craig M, Tyler, and Chris H. go. It’s never easy, but I felt a sense of relief knowing that I was one step closer to hopefully finding the love of my life.

Until next time…"

xo –Ali Fedotowski


Anonymous said...

Ali.. My teenage daughters and I are really enjoying watching you on the Bachelorette this season. Your experience is creating some great talking points for us as we try to distinguish the good apples (Chris L and Roberto) from the bad ones (Craig M and Justin)! We all really like you and wish you the best of luck. You seem like a great person, fun and intelligent and I am sure it is nerve racking watching every week yourself as the past unfolds. There may be some bumps along the way but hopefully the right guy will come along...either on the show or sometime after. You deserve to be loved and appreciated! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

So glad Craig is gone! He is nothing but an old man bully. Wow! Unreal that a grown? man would act the way he did. What a bunch of wussy men who could not stand up to him. I found it hard to believe that most of those men stood there and laughed and him. He was not funny. Just a bully who preys on the weakest. I fault all those who laughed with the big jerk. I teach school and see this behavior with grade school kids. Shame on those grown men.