The Bachelorette: Rated R

The Bachelorette Episode One Re-cap via here

"Onto the cocktail party----> Ali smoozes with the boys and seems to drink a lot of wine. Good girl Ali. Frank seems like an Ali Stalker (aka he likes her too much and will probably be crying in the limo soon). Too bad he looks so much like cutie Reid Rosenthal...Dude, Kirk, oh Kirk. Making a scrapbook for a girl is a little offence. I hope it's not his childhood scrapbook. I don't want to see photos of his first dirty diaper. Kasey seems so sweet and seems like his voice is a bit strange. Does he have a hearing aid? Hunter makes some sweet music - does he remind anyone else of Wes (gulp!). I found Jason a bit mean, making fun of the other guys. Doesn't show a good character. Shooter, please don't tell a girl your gross story!!! That's not a good move to talk about your racing sperm count. Ali, if anything develops, watch your eyes! I'm liking Craig M -seems pretty real and normal and Roberto does the salsa. Maybe I'm wrong but she seems to like Roberto. I don't see the connection though. Chris I is so sweet and loved it when Ali touched his leg. That's a good sign. Craig R is little bit of a tattle tail- no one likes that, it's not fourth grade. The first impression rose goes to.....Roberto!!" Read the rest of the blog post here!!

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