The Bachelor: What ABC thinks of Reality Steve Spoilers

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Bachelor producer says “That’s something that kind of bugs us,” executive producer Mike Fleiss told EW exclusively. “In some ways, it’s just more promotion. We would like to find out [who his source is].” While Fleiss says the show has taken extreme measures in the past to track down leaks — “We spent a lot of money and we hired these guys from the Israeli secret service to shake down people and look at phone records and stuff like that. We ultimately found out who it was. That person no longer works for us.” — he has not gone to such lengths to suss out the mole. “We would love to know if anyone knows [who the source is]. I’m offering a $25 reward!” Fleiss’ laissez-faire approach to the leak is due in part to the fact that the spoilers did not keep fans from tuning in to Jason’s season: The After the Final Rose bombshell scored 17.5 million viewers last March."

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From the current predictions, you should be upset, I WILL NOT WATCH THAT SWEET GUY MAKE SUCH A HUGE MISTAKE !!!