The Bachelor: It's Time to Meet the Families - Ali, Gia, Tenley and Vienna


Entertainment Tonight reports that "It's time to meet the families on "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love," so Jake Pavelka crosses the country to join Ali, Gia, Tenley and Vienna in their respective hometowns -- and ET has a sneak peek. First stop is New York City, where Gia introduces "The Bachelor" to her family before the two set off on a romantic cruise on the Hudson River. During their boat trip, Jakes discovers why Gia has been so reluctant to fall in love. Then he meets her protective family and her brother cautions Jake not to hurt her. Is he joking when he mentions something about broken bones?" Full story here!

In the hometown dates, "Jake also has the pleasure of finding out where Vienna comes from. You can see the resemblance between Vienna and her father, not only in appearance but the fact that they both think Vienna should be treated a certain way. Her dad even admits, "I treat Vienna like a princess, that's how I expect her to be treated." Yeah, that attitude doesn't raise a spoiled girl with daddy issues at all!"

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