It's down to Ed or Kiptyn. Or is it? ABC says we won't believe what happens on the finale.

The Bachelorette: Live blog of the season finale with Jillian Harris

By Katya Holloway , The Vancouver Sun,

Who did Vancouver's reality TV star, Jillian Harris, pick? Scroll down for a play-by-play of the final episode:

Jillian's parents - mom Peggy and dad Glen - jet out to the Big Island of Hawaii to grill the two remaining suitors: Ed, the 29-year-old technology consultant, and Kiptyn, the 31-year-old business developer.

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Anonymous said...

ED IS A BUTT HEAD. thats all i have to say. and it rhymes.

Anonymous said...

Im writing several hours before the ATR show... I think Ed was her 'this fits my mental image' guy but Reid is the guy who she fell in love with. I think the timing of Reids proposal was too late... but by ATR she realizes she made a mistake with keeping Ed and wants to try it with Reid. I see another Mesnick move here on ATR. Lets hope this time it doesn't happen on live tv and that ED & Jillian broke up in private after taping in Hawaii.