Get 'The Bachelor's' Chris Harrison's Romance Novel!

Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, can now add "author" to his resume. Harrison announced during the Women Tell All about his new (Notebook style) romance novel, The Perfect Letter
Here's more on the book and How to order it

"I've been working with Harper Collins on this for the better part of two years," Chris Harrison says in his interview with TV Guide.

"Everyone wanted me to write a tell-all or a dating book or share stories from The Bachelor and none of that felt right or comfortable. But years ago I ran into Nicholas Sparks and we were having a few glasses of wine and we were talking about our similar fan base and out of that conversation the idea was born. I thought it's exactly what I needed to do. It's an extension of the brand and what fans already love; it's romance, action/adventure, drama and intrigue and has pretty good sex scenes....The story came naturally, and you write what you know ... but exposing that side of me to everybody is what's nerve-wracking. I've hosted for 20 years so whether or not you like me, I know what I can do. When you really write and put thoughts and feelings down it's scary. It's fun, but scary. But it's nice to feel something different for the first time in a long time"

Who wants to read Chris Harrison's new sexy novel? 

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