Who is Reality Steve's Mystery Source?

Reality Steve aka Steve Carbone
Bachelor blogger, Reality Steve (aka Steve Carbone) is known for spoiling each season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. But as Bachelor fans noticed, this season he got it wrong.

Reality Steve said that Desiree and Brooks were engaged but as we saw on Monday's episode, Des chose Chris. Reality Steve also said that he thought ABC would not pick Juan Pablo to be our next Bachelor. Wrong again! ABC announced that Juan Pablo is our 2014 Bachelor.

Bachelor fans want to know, who is Reality Steve's mystery source?

Obviously, Steve won't reveal his source but here's some theories. 

Reality Steve "has never revealed his sources, but he made numerous connections in the entertainment industry during his sportscaster years, so that probably helps. His spoilers haven’t always been true, which leads me to believe he could be making educated guesses sometimes. He claims he doesn’t get information from people under contract, but of course, he could be lying about that. Perhaps they wear disguises when they talk to him so he “doesn’t know” who they are. There is also a chance he’s psychic, but only with regards to The Bachelor-related information."

Other media speculates that Reality Steve speaks to Bachelor producers, crew or even host Chris Harrison to get his info (although that wouldn't make much sense considering ABC sued Reality Steve in the past). His spoilers began during Jason Mesnick's season so if you look at the editing staff or someone who works for the show (security, ect), you might be able to figure it out. Others say he also gets his info from past contestants. Jesse Csincsak (DeAnna Pappas' season) was reportedly offered $30,000 to reveal Steve's source (never happened though).

Who do you think is Reality Steve's source?

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