Reality Steve "I Have No Idea What Happened!"

Bachelor blogger, Reality Steve, is in the dog house this week. Known for his Bachelor spoilers, fans were shocked to learn that Reality Steve (and his mysterious source) was wrong. Steve initially said that Desiree and Brooks Forester were engaged but fans learned that our Bachelorette actually chose Chris Siegfried in the end.

Today, Reality Steve, responded on his Blog to what happened and what went wrong. Here's what he writes:

"If you’re expecting a long drawn out explanation regarding the wrong spoiler for this season, breaking down the who/what/when/where and why, I don’t have it. All season the information I was given had me 100% convinced Desiree was engaged to Brooks. Even as I was live tweeting last night during the show, I was convinced of it....Now I understand a lot of you have a ton of questions about who told me the wrong info, why did I believe them, how was it wrong, etc. I understand you have those questions. Unfortunately, I can’t answer them since, well, I don’t really have the answers myself and probably never will."

You can read RS full blog post and explanation here. 

Will you believe Reality Steve spoilers ever again?

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